Riding Position

Your riding position is of paramount importance for making sure that you have a comfortable cycling experience.

If a cycling position is wrong it can lead to fatigue, depression, pain while cycling and a general reluctance to get out on your bike.

We are here to help however!

Russell has completed an approve Specialized course which means he is on hand to help you improve your riding position and become a happier, better cyclist.

Your physical condition, riding style and so on will all be taken into consideration and unique plan just for you will be able to be drawn up.

This means that you have the information necessary to customise your riding style and equipment to better adapt to a more comfortable and efficient ride!

Russell’s personal experience combined with his training and dedication to improving the riding conditions of others means that his is perfectly placed to provide you with the optimum riding position.

If you would like to learn more about improving your ride fitness, don’t hesitate to contact us.